In this episode, we take a closer look at sales and marketing alignment, an essential factor in making any social selling program successful.

Together with our guest speaker, Josh Sweeney, we discuss these questions:

Should Sales and Marketing be one department or two? And why?
Goal alignment: how to make sure Sales and Marketing really work together in the same direction? How do you balance the long-term goals (brand-building and market-presence, marketing agenda) vs. filling the quota this quarter (sales agenda)
Leads: Quality of leads, how to make sure what marketing hands over to sales is actually sales-ready; from a marketing perspective: how to make sure the leads produced and handed over to sales are valued and followed-up upon
Technology stack: What are the tools that should be used in common
What can established companies learn from businesses that are just scaling up, having a chance to design their processes from scratch?
Listen in!

About Josh:
Josh Sweeney is a seasoned entrepreneur whose mission is to help founders go from founder revenue to scalable revenue. He is also the founder of software consulting firm Atcore, which was acquired in 2016 by a leading partner in the CRM industry.

Having experienced the impact of various sales and marketing challenges over his career, Josh has channeled his passion for sales and marketing into the creation of educational content. He has recorded over 100 content pieces about B2B sales and marketing.

Josh lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.

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