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Ep 52: Sales and Marketing Alignment

This episode talks about another challenge for leaders: deals don’t flow correctly when sales and marketing aren’t aligned. Sweeney and Barnes will talk about the reasons why there is no alignment between sales and marketing teams. They will also include the solutions to handle this challenge.

Ep 51: Multiple Personality Disorder in Sales

This episode talks about another challenge that leaders most likely encounter, managing salespeople with multiple personalities. Sweeney and Barnes will talk about the reasons why leaders fail to manage the emotional spurs of salespeople. They will also include the solutions to handle this challenge.

Ep 50: Sales Negotiation and Closing the Deal

This episode talks about sales reps often getting beat up on price by clients and the reasons behind it. Also, in the discussion are ways to handle it or get away from the situation where they get beaten up.

Ep 48: Top Distractions That Harm Sales Close Rates

This episode talks about the top distractions for salespeople that make them lose focus on the right tasks to close enough deals and reasons why salespeople get distracted. Like any other challenge, there are solutions to resolve it. Sweeney and Barnes’ will also include the solutions on why these challenges occur.

Ep 47: Top Sales Training Hacks

Every time you try to develop training for your sales folks, you write a playbook, a more challenging role for sales leaders. It is a fact that training your sales representatives is essential, but most of the time, it is elusive due to some factors. In this show, Sweeney and Barnes will discuss why training does not happen and how to make it happen.

Ep 45: How Product Mix Adds Sales Complexity

A discussion about a common dilemma for leaders awaits the listeners of this episode — aligning product or service mix to do away with sales complexity — its reasons and how to do it right.

Ep 44: Training Sales on The True Cost of a Deal

In this episode, the discussion wraps around understanding the True Cost of a Deal. As a leader, one must know the other costs to be considered when doing a deal or the right comp! What are the options if sales reps are unsatisfied with comps in some way? What is a holistic Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) to a deal?

Ep 43: Right Person, Right Sales Channel

In this episode, we will discuss the challenges of great leaders on having the right salesperson and working along the right sales channels — its reasons, how to pre-empt it, and how to correct it.

Ep 42: True Cost of a Sales Person

In this episode, we will discuss a challenge that leaders face, and that is the other costs involved in hiring a salesperson. We will also discuss the practical solutions to fix it.

Ep 41: Closers with No Leads

What are the reasons for having a team of closers but no starting pitchers or a team full of closers but have nothing to close? In this episode, Barnes and Sweeney will talk about the reasons why this happens.

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