purpose driven sales leadership podcast

Ep 35: Leading Through Uncertainty

In this episode, we talk about the difficulties leaders face during disruptive times and discuss what you can do to inspire your sales reps to forge ahead despite the uncertainty.

Ep 34: Maximizing Revenue per Sales Rep

In this episode, we challenge some of the entrenched methods of increasing revenue from your sales team and discuss ways you, the sales leader, can more effectively use the resources you have.

Ep 31: Meeting Discipline

In this episode, we share some of the common reasons team meetings seem to fall by the wayside as well as provide ways to ensure your meetings remain an efficient part of your organization’s sales efforts.

Ep 29: Changing Sales Territories

In this episode we highlight the merits of different solutions that we have implemented ourselves to better inform you, the sales leader. Let’s talk sales territories.

Ep 27: Welcome to Purpose-Driven Sales

This episode marks our official transition to our Purpose Driven Sales podcast, in which we will shift the structure of these podcasts to a challenge-solution format.

Ep 26: Make Your Prospects Feel The Group Hug

It’s important that your clients feel the depth of the subject matter expertise that your organization has. In this episode, we discuss the different stages of the sales cycle and best practice on how and when to introduce key players on your team to a prospect.

Ep 25: A Passion for Selling

In this episode, we share some tips to help you and your sales team bring a consistently high level of energy and enthusiasm to every sales conversation, making you more memorable and increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.

Ep 24: Prospect Data and Success

This episode focuses on the nuances of how to source a quality list of prospects and the pitfalls you may encounter so that you, as a sales leader, may better prepare your sales team for success.

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