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Our Mission is to help Founders Scale Revenue so that they can have a positive impact on their team, family, and community.

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Our goal is to work with team members and clients who share our values. People who love what they do, take ownership, have an open mind when solving problems, and desire to go big in their endeavors.

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I have been through many roles in my life and worked for a number of organizations. But none of them delivered as much value to my family and community as being an entrepreneur. As I scaled my business I had the opportunity to give back more than ever before. I was able to donate to Boy Scouts of America and our local schools. I have the time freedom to coach youth sports and show up for my kids events.

I was able to spend more time helping other founders through the Entrepreneurs Organization and I was able to create career opportunities. All of that would not have been possible in any other role. My mission is for every founder to have the same success that I have had so that they can impact their family and community.

- Josh Sweeney, CEO, FounderScale

Maria Joyner

Marketing Automation Practice Lead


Maria Joyner is an entrepreneur and marketing technologist with a background in email deliverability, marketing automation, and scaling B2B startups. As the Marketing Automation Practice Lead, she brings years of Hubspot and marketing automation experience to help founders get the most out of their marketing technology stack. She joins us from the jungles of Costa Rica where she lives with her husband and son. Maria spends her free time trail running, hiking through the mountains, exploring hidden waterfalls, and learning how to surf.

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Leadership Team

Josh Sweeney

President and Founder

Maria Joyner

Marketing Automation Practice Lead, Cofounder

Judy Drobinski

Finance Controller