In this episode, Stephen engages in a dynamic conversation with seasoned entrepreneur Josh Sweeney, the founder of FounderScale, discussing the highs and lows of building big ideas and even bigger companies.

Josh's relentless drive has been a driving force behind his success. He shares the story of Atcore Systems, its acquisition, and the invaluable lessons learned from the experience. As an entrepreneur, Josh faced numerous challenges in sales and marketing, and he reveals how he overcame these hurdles.

Discover what inspired Josh to establish FounderScale and its primary mission. Dive into how FounderScale aids founders in overcoming sales and marketing challenges, with real success stories highlighting the transformative impact on entrepreneurs.

Explore the crucial role of marketing in a company's success and how founders can effectively leverage marketing strategies. Learn about the concept of "white glove service" at FounderScale and how it sets the company apart, ensuring personalized attention to each founder's unique needs.

Uncover how FounderScale utilizes high-value sales tech to propel growth for founders. Josh shares specific examples of impactful sales tech tools and strategies that have made a significant difference for FounderScale's clients. Gain insights into the key elements that make a sales strategy truly impactful for founders aiming for success.

Josh discusses how successful founders can create a positive impact on their families and communities. He offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful impact beyond business ventures. Hear about the most fulfilling moments in Josh's journey, witnessing the transformative impact of FounderScale on other founders' lives and achievements.

This episode is a deep dive into the entrepreneurial journey, providing practical insights and inspirational stories for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.