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Lead Generation Done Right with Josh Sweeney

Josh Sweeney joins us to discuss the concept of lead generation and demand generation, and how his company helps founders scale up their engagements and increase sales. They also discuss how to niche down and focus on marketing dollars, and how to take advantage of existing assets to build relationships.

Sweeney is a seasoned entrepreneur, whose relentless drive has given him the platform to build big ideas and even bigger companies. One of his successes, Atcore Systems, was acquired in 2016 by a leading partner in the CRM industry. Experiencing the impact of various sales and marketing challenges over the years, Josh founded ⁠FounderScale⁠. He has made it his mission to help founder-led organizations increase sales.

Sweeney discussed the importance of narrowing down focus and targeting a niche when it comes to demand generation and lead generation. He also discussed the importance of being candid about the lessons learned and providing real timelines when it comes to marketing. He also discussed the importance of balancing work and family life.

Listen and learn about:

How to Scale Revenue with Demand Generation
Most common reason why lead generation fails
What demand generation is and why it matters
How demand generation creates scalable revenue