Understanding The B2B Buyer Journey To Increase Revenue

The B2B buyer journey represents the complete process a prospect goes through to purchase a solution that solves a business challenge. Every B2B buyer journey goes through various phases. The process begins with the Awareness phase. Awareness is where consumers recognize that they have a business challenge. 

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The buyer journey progresses next to the Consideration stage. This is where the research typically begins. During the Consideration phase, buyers gather information on options available to resolve their issues. Finally, once the issue is identified and information is collected, prospects hit the Decision stage. This is when buyers compare relevant data sets, create their shortlist of contenders, and make a final purchasing decision. 


Recognizing Opportunity Throughout the B2B Buyer Journey

B2B business owners know that earning market share away from the competition means developing a sharply honed sales and marketing machine. For many founder-led organizations, this typically starts with having an intimate understanding of the buyers’ journey, beginning with the challenges these prospects need to solve. At FounderScale, to research and fully understand the buyers’ challenges and how they navigate through the decision-making process, we complete the buyers’ journey document. 

FounderScale leverages the Buyers’ Journey to get a detailed look into each buyer’s phase and map out the decision-making process that prospects go through. By recognizing what’s motivating consumers at any point in the sales cycle, B2B business owners can customize their strategy and content for optimal results and ROI. As a HubSpot partner, the FounderScale team uses a three-stage documentation approach that includes: Awareness, Considerations, and Decision. 

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A deep dive into the three B2B Buyer Journey stages includes: 


The Awareness stage is the most crucial stage if you want to create sustainable inbound leads. This phase includes research articles and high-level topics, like “What is a Buyer Journey?” Awareness stage content helps people research the problem and determine what types of solutions they may want to explore further during the Consideration phase. 



In this stage, the buyer has already researched several ways to solve their problem. At this point, consumers are likely starting to engage companies to learn more about their specific services and solutions. In the Consideration stage, prospects weigh options like, should I solve this problem with software, coaching, consulting, or another solution?



The decision-making stage is where the buyer has narrowed down the options and is starting to make direct comparisons between the most viable solutions to resolve their challenges. For example, maybe they have elected to solve the problem with the software. During the Decision stage, these buyers would be selecting between vendors. 


Are You Leveraging the Buyer Journey to Close Deals? 

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FounderScale helps B2B business owners develop specific selling solutions designed to resonate with consumers in every buyer phase. Our sales enablement strategies equip founder-led organizations with the tools required to identify buyers’ needs and provide information to direct them through the sales cycle toward conversion. Contact us today to hear more. 



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