Using Hubspot’s Sales Engagement Platform to Maximize ROI

Are you solely using your Hubspot CRM as a marketing resource?

You may be missing out on valuable revenue opportunities.

Hubspot has earned its reputation as an innovative marketing automation tool for businesses of virtually every size and scope. As a result, many business owners assume that marketing is the only reason to use Hubspot. This is simply not true. Over the past few years, Hubspot has rapidly evolved in both features and utilization to support other revenue operations, including sales. In its current iteration, the system delivers a dynamic sales engagement platform that seamlessly integrates both sales and marketing functions. 

The Hubspot free CRM checks many of the sales engagement platform boxes by offering a diverse features suite, including sales email tracking, sales email templates, individual sales rep email integration, click-to-call, and other sales features – all useful tools to help drive revenue streams. However, where Hubspot really starts to shine is with a comparatively cost-effective upgrade to Hubspot Sales Starter or Hubspot Sales Professional. Both of these versions offer the free model’s usability and add the mission-critical Hubspot Sequences, Meeting Scheduling, and Sales Analytics. 

Hubspot Sales Engagement Platform Offers Hubspot Sequences, Meeting Scheduling, and Sales Analytics

Knowing some of the most dynamic features and uses for Hubspot Sequences, Meeting Scheduling, and Sales Analytics can help business owners determine the best way to optimize overall CRM return on investment. 

Hubspot Sequences

sales engagement platform

Hubspot Sequences is the ultimate prospecting feature, offering 1-to-1 outbound automation with sales actions coming directly from a sales representative (yes, really). This CRM tool enables each sales rep to build targeted automated sales sequences that help them remain firmly planted on prospect and customer radars. 

Meeting Scheduling

HubSpot Meetings Scheduling Tool

Coordinating meetings and calls using multiple planner apps and digital calendars can waste countless hours and even increase the risk of overlooking an event entirely. Meeting Scheduling removes this major time-waster from daily routines, allowing sales reps to eliminate other products that aren’t fully integrated into Hubspot and book meetings more seamlessly than ever before. 

Sales Analytics

Analyzing data sets and results equips your sellers and sales leaders with the tools and insight needed to maximize every prospect and opportunity. Hubspot’s Sales Analytics feature takes the guesswork out of the impact of your current efforts. This tool provides an in-depth look at how every step in the sales cycle affects your existing pipeline. Additionally, coupling analytics with Sequences uncovers which outbound methodologies are generating momentum for your team and which strategies are ineffective. Both your sales team and management can use these insights to tweak and modify internal initiatives as needed to continuously improve results. 

Let FounderScale Help You Leverage Hubspot’s Sales Engagement Platform

Tapping into the power of Hubspot’s Sales Engagement Platform can help your organization bring sales success to entirely new heights. FounderScale can develop a customized CRM solution that equips your organization to optimize the use of these critical tools. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more. 



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