How to Increase B2B Sales Engagement by 667%

A FounderScale Mini-Book

Engaging people on a human-to-human level to provide experiences and education is one of the few long-term sustainable lead generation methods that you can employ. Many other methods like contact and pitch may provide a certain level of results but the efficiency and cost are less than ideal. To maximize sales engagement platforms, you have a number of different options ranging from webinars to group lunch and learns which provide 667% higher engagement than cold outreach to set a meeting. Read our new mini-book to learn real-world strategies to boost sales engagement by 667%.

Sales Engagement Platforms

Your prospects want a reason to engage your sales team, we can help you give them one. 



Some marketing resources, such as printed materials and emails, only allow businesses to talk at an audience. Interview style podcasts give you a chance to dive deep with an audience.

Establish Authority

Many businesses claim industry authority; however, few have the fortitude to prove it on a consistent level.


Broader Audience

Interview style podcasts instantly eliminate restrictions on how many people you can reach at once.

The Sales Leadership Podcast


Josh Sweeney and Taylor Barnes discuss the challenges of sales leadership while sharing ideas, solutions, and experiences.