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What is Sales Operations?

Sales Operations increases sales output and aligns the marketing organization to sales initiatives. By enhancing sales strategy, sales technology, and sales KPI's, you can increase sales without additional headcount.

Sales Operations Services

Sales leadership is under constant pressure to grow, oftentimes with limited resources. Sales operations takes the burden of managing sales technology, creation, and enhancement of KPI's and B2B sales strategy research off your team so you can sell more.

  Sales Strategy

B2B sales strategy requires a thorough understanding of inbound and outbound sales best practices. Through our work with other B2B organizations, we can help you understand what does and doesn't work.

  Sales Technology

Sales technology requires proper implementation, integration, and change management to ensure ROI. Let us help you maximize your sales tools. 

  Sales KPI's

Sales KPI's must be aligned with marketing and drive behavior with each sales representative. Let us help you build KPI's that fit the bigger picture.

Purpose Driven Sales Podcast


Josh Sweeney and Taylor Barnes discuss the challenges of sales leadership while sharing ideas, solutions, and experiences.

Sales Strategy

Strategy and Analysis

Inbound and outbound sales strategies each require a different methodology and implementation plan. We can help you understand how each will impact your business.

Inbound Sales

We can help you develop an inbound sales strategy that drives prospects to you. 

Outbound Sales

Outbound sales requires sales engagement events, sales outreach philosophies, and sales tools that increase the number of prospect touchpoints. 

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Hubspot Marketing Dashboard

Sales Technology


Tools and Integration

Using all the features of your sales technology stack to increase sales requires expertise that we can provide.

Sales Engagement Platform

Sales engagement platforms enhance sales outreach and increase sales through efficient use of technology. 

CRM Consulting

Your CRM is a crucial tool that must be utilized and adopted to increase sales and drive ROI. We can help ensure you are getting the value out of your purchase. 

Sales KPI's

Analytics and Reports

A full understanding of your sales pipeline, sales forecast, and other sales KPI's provides you the data you need to make sales decisions.  

Sales Pipeline

We help you ensure that your sales pipeline is up to date and accurate. 

Sales Forecasting

Your sales forecast drives sales leadership decisions around budget, sales tools, and bonuses. We can help make sure it is kept up to date with minimal effort. 

Hubspot Sales Reporting

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