What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement refers to any interaction between your sales and marketing team with your prospects and customers. On a basic level, it is communication between sellers and buyers. However, B2B leaders recognize that effective sales engagement requires far more strategy than just random outreach. B2B owners need to develop a plan that optimizes building relationships and increasing revenue. A comprehensive engagement plan can include various events, such as: 

Understanding some of the key components of a sales engagement strategy can help B2B businesses develop a strategic plan of action.

Engaging Sales and Marketing

Sales Engagement - Sales Marketing GrowthIn B2B companies, it is important to look at all marketing actions and determine how they impact customer engagement. Some organizations underestimate the value of their marketing team’s communication efforts. However, marketing is instrumental in ensuring an ongoing connection with prospects and customers. Marketers also provide the resources and develop the collateral used for sales activities. Additionally, they coordinate the events for “no-pitch” engagements. A marketing team’s efforts can support sales and increase value to buyers. 

Prospects and Customers

Sales engagement is crucial throughout every phase of the buyer’s journey. B2B organizations often first think of sales as a means to get new clients. While landing new business is important, it’s not the only way to drive growth. For many companies, the majority of business revenue comes from existing clients. Engaging current customers is often driven by sales reps who align efforts with marketing to ensure everyone is getting updates on new services and service changes. 

Types of Sales Engagement

Sales EngagementKnowing the various options of engagements can help B2B organizations develop a comprehensive strategy that resonates with prospects and clients. The types of sales engagement include:

  • Sales Activities
    Sales activities are often a significant component in an engagement strategy. Sales activities can be emails, calls, and social outreach.
  • Educational
    One of the biggest educational resources in a sales engagement strategy is the B2B sales webinar. A well-executed webinar can build trust, influence prospects, and deliver the information participants need to make buying decisions.
  • Interviews
    Podcast-style interviews have gained popularity in recent years as an effective sales method. An interview offers an opportunity to connect with both prospects and clients in a new way. Sales reps have a chance to understand buyer challenges better. Likewise, the interviewee learns more about your business. They will also gain a little free press, all while building a relationship with your team.
  • In-Person Events
    In-person events have definitely been put on hold for many B2B businesses over the last year. But, under normal circumstances, they can be an integral part of a sales engagement approach. Coordinating an event with like-minded individuals provides a chance to share experiences. A live event also offers a platform to learn from each other. It’s also an excellent way to engage prospects and customers. 


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