Leveraging the Power of B2B Podcasts in Your Digital Marketing Mix

No matter what industry you’re in, building credibility and creating compelling content is vital to establish market share and edge out the competition. Enter the B2B podcast. For many sales and marketing leaders, speaking to clients directly is their preferred mode of communication.  As a result, they find it far easier to develop and present a B2B podcast than to sit in front of a blank computer screen, waiting for writing inspiration on leader content that may or may not ever come. 

Ease of use isn’t the only benefit of a podcast. The platform has also firmly established itself as an in-demand resource from consumers across multiple demographics, continuously gaining traction across all business topics. Recent statistics show that:

      • 75% of all Americans (aka 212 million people) are familiar with podcasting
      • 55% of Americans have listened to a podcast at some point
      • Podcast listeners have increased by over 37% in just the last three years. 

Three Reasons You Should Include B2B Podcasts in Your Online Marketing Mix

A B2B podcast, like any other type of marketing content, is created to help organizations increase sales through influence, education, and lead generation. Of course, strategic alignment with an organization’s current vision and objectives is critical to optimizing success with a B2B podcast. However, when the right strategy is employed and supported, a B2B podcast can easily deliver in all three key areas:



B2B influencers rely on one foundational component for success: relevant content. A B2B podcast delivers an ideal way to begin developing and sharing relevant content with your followers. Most subject matter leaders and authorities like to both present and speak. The B2B podcast platform provides an opportunity for companies to develop the speaker right along with the content.



B2B PodcastsTeaching or informing others can leave a lasting impact on your listeners. Not only will you be more memorable, but they will also begin to consider you an expert in your field. Much like a sales pitch, every B2B podcast should be developed with the listener in mind to make it as educational and fun to listen to as possible. When an informed and entertained listener needs services similar to what you provide, they will contact you. 


Lead Generation Interviews

B2B Podcasts InterviewNot sure what to share? Never underestimate the power of a B2B podcast interview. Podcast interviews are an excellent way to build content, reach new audiences, build relationships, and generate valid leads simultaneously. Interviews can be with existing customers. However, they can also be with prospects, offering you a real-time opportunity to gain invaluable insight into a potential future customer. Best of all, each interviewee brings new and unique content to the show, essentially cutting the preparation legwork in half. 


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FounderScale helps founder-led organizations develop B2B podcast solutions that educate and entertain listeners. Contact our team today to learn about how we can help establish credibility and create compelling digital content for your organization.

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