Top 3 Hubspot Automation Workflows for Sales Operations

The Hubspot automation workflows feature is traditionally used for marketing automation tasks. But as more and more organizations leverage Hubspot CRM, this feature presents multiple opportunities for sales operations. Workflow automation moves multiple common reminders and questions from the sales manager to Hubspot and ensures that they are never forgotten.

  • Do you need the sales rep to properly link Contacts to Deals? Hubspot automation workflows can remind them.
  • Want them to update the Expected Close Date when it has passed instead of taking up time during the weekly sales meeting? Hubspot can do that too.

Let’s go through 3 categories of workflow automations that enhance sales operations and save time for sales managers.

Hygiene Reminders

If there is one challenge that never really seems to go away, it is data hygiene. There are numerous tools and addons that help with this but as people change roles and marketing adds new and helpful sales data, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to keep data up to date. One way to do this is to create automated reminders on the most important data.

In order to properly track Sales Activities on a Deal, the Contact needs to be related to the deal. And sometimes, salespeople forget to take this extra step. You can create Hubspot Workflows that detect when a Deal is created and determine if a Contact is properly associated, if not, Hubspot can automatically remind the rep until the task is complete.

Hubspot can also detect when key fields aren’t filled in and remind the rep to take action. For this workflow, we recommend that you pick 3 – 5 fields that are most crucial to a Deal, Account, or Contact and set up automated reminders when they aren’t filled in.

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Deal Acceleration

No sales manager wants to see a deal that has not had a sales activity for more than a few days. The first question for a sales rep during the weekly sales review is, “what is the status of this deal?” The next question should be, “what is your next action and when?: In order to stay on top of Deals and accelerate the time to close, sales reps have to stay in constant contact and provide value even when the prospect says they are “making a decision” or “scheduling meeting with their team.”

Hubspot automation workflows can help automate many of these common sales management questions by automatically notifying the sales rep. Let’s say that you have a policy that all Contacts related to a deal must receive a touchpoint every 7 days. Hubspot can look at the data in the system and automatically notify a sales rep if they don’t meet this agreed-upon rule.

Lead Contact Frequency

Ever had a sales rep drop the ball on a lead? Or say that they didn’t respond only to find out the rep sent one email and moved on because the lead was a Gmail or Yahoo account? One client of ours has a policy that all leads must be contacted 15 times before the sales rep and mark the lead as dead. In order to deliver on policies like this, you need automation.

Hubspot workflows can be designed to look at sales activities on Contacts and determine if they have been followed up with and then notify the rep. It can even go one step further and notify the manager if a few additional days go by without contact.

If you are looking to increase the value you receive from Hubspot CRM and automate repetitive sale accountability items, contact FounderScale today.


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