What is Hubspot User Adoption?

FounderScale Blog - User Adoption StatisticYou can have the world’s best software and still not perform well if users don’t adopt – and embrace – it. Many companies make the mistake of deploying a sophisticated marketing tool like HubSpot and taking a DIY attitude to roll it out and manage it.

It can be a challenge. Take something as integral to your sales and marketing operations as the CRM. Despite it being vital to your success, less than 40% of CRM customers have high end-user adoption rates.

Even those that use it don’t tap into the robust features provided. Just about half of all CRM features are actually used by businesses.

It’s why 83% of senior executives say the biggest hurdle to user adoption isn’t the software itself, it’s getting their teams to use it.

HubSpot User Adoption Strategy

There are two fundamental strategies to improve user adoption rates: setup and training.

Do you know the acronym GIGO?  It stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out. The concept is simple. If you’re putting bad data or the wrong data into your system, you’re not going to get the results you can trust. The same strategy applies here. You need to set up HubSpot in the right way. That takes more than just turning it on and feeding it information.

You need a strategic approach to ensure you set up the right systems and processes to maximize workflow and get the results you want. If you don’t get started right in the first place, you can waste a lot of time (and money) later when you have to go back and do it over again.

Once you’ve got things configured properly and integrated into your workflow, you’ve got to provide training for your team.

FounderScale Blog - Adoption Strategy

At FounderScale, we believe in a three-step strategy to foster adoption:

1. HubSpot Adoption Plan
We start with a prebuilt list of options and help you prioritize and customize what you need.

2. HubSpot Training
We help with training, including usage monitoring and video tutorials tailored to individual roles.

3. HubSpot Support
If someone gets stuck, has a question, or needs help with the training, we’ve got you covered.

Another way we work with you is to monitor HubSpot for feature updates. Some of these features can turn into amazing sales tools if your team knows how to use them. We keep up with the updates and build them into your Hubspot user adoption strategy.


Data-driven marketing is key to your success. HubSpot’s analytics makes gathering the metrics you need easy.

Setting up the right KPIs is the hardest part. New users may struggle with defining the right parameters and tying them to performance. At FounderScale, we can help you identify the right KPIs, the right metrics, and show you how to track them for optimal performance.

The Impact of Strong HubSpot User Adoption

When your team embraces the power of HubSpot, you can create deep and efficient marketing campaigns that convert. Here are some of the benefits you get:

  • An all-in-one solutionFounderScale Blog - Hubspot Logo
    No more trying to piecemeal together different marketing solutions and hope they work well together. HubSpot works right out of the box and can handle everything associated with your inbound marketing process, including generating, nurturing, and converting leads. 
  • All the tools you need
    CRM, CMS, email marketing, social scheduling, SEO, ad tools, chat, and more. 
  • Third-Party integrations
    Unlike many other marketing platforms, HubSpot’s APIs allow for third-party integration. There are more than 500 current pre-built integrations in the App marketplace and more are added regularly.

To take advantage of the power of HubSpot, you need an experienced team to help guide you in the setup and use.

A study of HubSpot user adoption showed that organizations using and embracing HubSpot marketing tools efficiently see strong returns within one year of adoption:

  • 2.1X more visitors every month
  • 2.5X more leads per month

70% of customers also report an increase in their lead to conversion rates.

What would this kind of growth in visitors, leads, and conversions do for your business?  Let us help you get started and maximize your sales and marketing.

FounderScale Can Help Improve HubSpot User Adoption

FounderScale helps founder-led B2B businesses increase sales by improving the sales operations process with a comprehensive approach to pipeline management. As a HubSpot solution partner, we help businesses maximize their ROI. As a sales-first B2B agency, we can reduce your burden, help you scale, and create a sales-engine that provides sustainable growth.

Contact FounderScale today and let us help you with HubSpot user adoption.


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