How HubSpot Workflows and Sequences Align Sales and Marketing

HubSpot calls it a marketer’s best friend: marketing automation.

There are good reasons. Automation helps you deliver the right type of email content to the right customer based on behaviors and actions. By automating sales and marketing follow-ups, you can continue to nurture leads without having to manage the outreach.

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Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads and save a third of their costs, according to Forrester Research. Gartner Research says companies automating their lead management can see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in less than a year.

For sales and marketing automation, two of HubSpot’s most powerful tools are Workflows and Sequences. We’ll take a brief look at what each tool provides and how it can be used to enhance your sales and marketing operations.

What Are HubSpot Sequences?

HubSpot Sequences allows sales development reps (SDRs) to send a series of targeted, timely email messages to help drive a prospect through the buyer’s journey. The sequence will continue to run and deliver relevant content over time.

When there is a reply to the email or a meeting is booked, the contact owner is alerted. The lead is automatically unenrolled from the sequence so the follow-up can be handled directly by a sales rep.

Examples of HubSpot Sequences

FounderScale - Hubspot SequenceHere are some examples of what you can do with HubSpot sequences:

  • Prospecting and outreach
  • Product demo follow-ups
  • Event or webinar invitations
  • Content offers like eBooks or Infographics

Sequences can be used to automate task creation to help your sales team ensure leads are nurtured and nothing falls through the cracks.


What Are HubSpot Workflows?

HubSpot Workflows, on the other hand, are a versatile tool that can also be used for sales and marketing automation. Workflows go beyond outreach and can be designed into complex systems to perform any number of HubSpot automation tasks.

Workflows can be designed to trigger automation based on:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Quotes
  • Custom objects

Examples of HubSpot Workflows

HubSpot Workflows can power both external customers and internal teams.

From an outreach standpoint, customer-facing processes can be automated including email marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and re-engagement campaigns. Instead of manually responding to emails or cutting and pasting boilerplate emails, responses can be automated to deliver the content that’s best designed to get customers to take the next step.

For example, after someone fills out a form to download a Whitepaper or other content offer, HubSpot Workflows will automatically send a sequence of four emails over the next month to encourage further engagement or book a demo.

Hubspot Workflow Diagram

At the same time, processes can be automated to notify sales teams. This can include such sales strategies as:

  • Assigning deals to team members
  • Rotating or sequencing lead assignments
  • Notifying sales reps to call a news sales qualified lead (SQL)

Another powerful use of the Workflows tool is the ability to automatically generate quotes based on the Deal stage.

HubSpot automation with Workflows can be a huge time saver for sales managers and sales reps.

Align and Streamline Your Sales and Marketing Operations

FounderScale - Sales and Marketing AlignmentAsk most B2B sales professionals and they’ll tell you one of the keys to success is aligning marketing and sales so everybody is working off the same playbook. Yet, 90% of sales and marketing professionals say it’s more likely there is misalignment across strategy, process, content, and culture. They see disconnects with processes for customer engagement, strategies on pipeline management, and a lack of integrated tools.

Both Sequences and Workflows can help solve this misalignment and support your growth as a company. They bring a systematic and strategic approach that brings your inbound marketing and outbound marketing together to build a powerful sales machine.

Are You Optimizing HubSpot Sequences and Workflows?

If you’re not using HubSpot for sales and marketing or you feel you’re not getting the most out of Sequences and Workflows in HubSpot, we’re here to help.

FounderScale fuels founder-led B2B businesses to increase sales by reducing friction in the sales and marketing process. As a HubSpot Certified Solution Provider, we help businesses maximize their ROI. As a sales-first B2B agency, we can reduce your burden, help you scale, and create a sales-engine that provides sustainable growth.

Contact FounderScale today for a free HubSpot audit to learn how to get better ROI from your technology investment.


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