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Ep 30: Helicopter Parent Sales Managers

In this episode, we discuss some of the common micromanagement pitfalls that many leaders encounter and share a few remedies that will help you, the sales leader, strike a balance between ensuring the quality of your clients’ experience with your company and giving your team the experience they need to become independent and successful.

Ep 29: Changing Sales Territories

In this episode we highlight the merits of different solutions we’ve implemented ourselves to better inform you, the sales leader, so that you may take the appropriate course of action for your organization and successfully launch your business into a new territory.

Ep 28: Staying Mentally Tough in B2B Sales

In this episode, we share our thoughts on the role of the sales leader in growing a mentally tough sales team and invite our listeners to ask themselves, how do you as a leader ensure that your team is staying mentally tough through the highs and lows of sales?

Ep 27: Welcome to Purpose Driven Sales

This episode marks our official transition to our Purpose Driven Sales podcast, in which we will shift the structure of these podcasts to a challenge-solution format. In the coming episodes we will be highlighting common challenges sales leaders face, and provide the solutions that have helped us and other sales leaders break through those barriers.

Ep 26: Make Your Prospects Feel The Group Hug

It’s important that your clients feel the depth of the subject matter expertise that your organization has. In this episode, we discuss the different stages of the sales cycle and best practice on how and when to introduce key players on your team to a prospect.

Ep 25: A Passion for Selling

In this episode, we share some tips to help you and your sales team bring a consistently high level of energy and enthusiasm to every sales conversation, making you more memorable and increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.

Ep 24: Prospect Data and Success

This episode focuses on the nuances of how to source a quality list of prospects and the pitfalls you may encounter so that you, as a sales leader, may better prepare your sales team for success.

Ep 23: Asking for the Sale

In this episode, we discuss the lessons learned in our cumulative experience that you and your sales team can adapt to your communication strategies and close more deals.

Ep 22: Balancing Lead Volume and Quality

Find out in this episode as we talk through the pros and cons of each approach, real world examples of how different organizations have handled their leads, and pose questions for you to help discover which path best suits your team.

Ep 21: Discovering the Prospect’s Budget

In this episode we discuss the finer details and considerations of how to handle the budget conversation with prospects that you, as a sales leader, can bring to your team to more effectively qualify leads.

Ep 20: Setting Client Expectations

Join Taylor Barnes and I as we discuss how to handle setting expectations with your clients, reigning in the desire to say yes to everything, and the value implementing these strategies will bring to your organization.

Ep 19: How to Niche Down

In this episode, Taylor Barnes and I discuss how focusing on the things you’re great at, and having the discipline to say no to the things outside your wheelhouse, can return dividends in your ability to retain and acquire customers.

Ep 18: The Lifecycle of a Sale

Join Taylor Barnes and I as we share our insight on how to successfully guide a prospect through your sales process and close more deals.

Ep 17: Hiring Sales People

In this episode, Taylor Barnes and I discuss the approaches we’ve developed, from our favorite questions to filtering techniques we’ve found to be most effective, over the course of our years in the industry.

Ep 16: Selling to the Ideal Customer

Join Taylor Barnes and I as we delve into how to go about developing an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and the advantages a focused sales effort can bring to your organization.

Ep 15: Sales Outcome Ownership

In this episode, Taylor Barnes and I discuss the mindset of outcome ownership and the positive impacts it will have on your relationships with your team and with your customers.

Ep 14: Metrics Driven Sales Culture

In this episode, Taylor Barnes and I discuss how to simultaneously use metrics to motivate your sales team and, as a sales manager, make strategic decisions regarding the direction of your sales initiatives.

Ep 13: Weekly One-on-One’s

Join Taylor Barnes and I as we discuss how to implement these crucial meetings so that they bring about the most benefit to your organization and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Ep 6: Are People Really Your Most Important Asset?

Join Taylor Barnes and I as we dive into game-changing strategies and people investments that have a huge morale impact. We discuss the benefits of a people-focused management approach and the substantial returns that are realized when connecting with your people on a personal level.

Ep 3: Motivating your Sales People

Join Taylor Barnes and I as we discuss the importance of knowing how to motivate salespeople and the benefits of leaning into the individual motivators of your salespeople from a personal and professional point of view. It’s not always about the money!

Ep 2: Quota Carrying Sales Manager

Join Taylor Barnes and I as we discuss the issues that a business deals with by having a quota-carrying sales manager from both a financial and operational viewpoint. We understand these challenges and in this episode, we share with you the red flags to look out for and also provide some options that you can use.

Ep 1: Mentally Debilitating Your Sales People

Taylor Barnes joins us for an in-depth look at what we can do as organizations to prevent demotivating our salespeople, creating structure while building our organizations and the importance of having the right people in the right positions.

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