Purpose-Driven Sales Podcast: Overcoming Sales Leadership Challenges

At FounderScale, we are excited to announce season 2 of our sales leadership podcastPurpose-Driven Sales.” Hosted by Josh Sweeney and Taylor Barnes, each episode examines the what, why, and how to grow sales within your organization.

How The Sales Leadership Podcast Became the Purpose-Driven Sales Podcast

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When this series launched, it was originally titled “The Sales Leadership Podcast.” Over the course of Season 1, Josh and Taylor discussed the importance of strong sales leadership that is necessary to drive revenue growth. 

In the new season, they talk about how sales leadership decisions are made and why they must be aligned with organizational needs in a more purposeful way. Just as your sales team needs to constantly evolve, our Podcast has evolved as well to become “The Purpose-Driven Sales Podcast.”

What Are Purpose-Driven Sales?

Purpose-Driven Sales

Purpose-driven sales create professional problem solvers. As experts, sales teams take the time to understand their customer’s needs, problems, and requirements. They develop custom solutions that solve problems for their clients and help them grow their business. This helps create long-term relationships by helping companies succeed rather than just selling them a product or service. Purpose-driven sales leadership enables sales teams to meet this challenge and deliver credible, reliable, and profitable service to their customers.

Purpose-Driven Sales Podcast: Season 2

With the new season, there are also other changes to bring listeners a better experience and more valuable content. Each episode will feature a specific sales leadership challenge. The hosts will discuss why the challenges occur and how sales leaders can overcome these challenges. Listeners will get helpful purpose-driven sales solutions that they can apply to their sales organizations immediately.

We hope that you like the changes we’ve made to improve our Podcast and enjoy season 2 which starts at episode 28: “Staying Mentally Tough in B2B Sales.” 

Some of the other topics in season 2 of the Purpose Driven Sales Podcast that are now available online include:

Purpose Driven Sales


If you would like to share any feedback you have or suggest topics for future Purpose Driven Sales Podcasts, please let us know. You can also subscribe to the Purpose-Driven Sales Podcast so you never miss an episode.

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