Creating A Sales Engagement Strategy That Stands Out

A few months back, FounderScale posted a blog, 3 Sales Engagement Events That Drive Prospect Engagement. When we posted to LinkedIn, we got a lot of great comments and feedback, but one response in particular really caught my attention. One of our followers, Peter Steen, commented, “I think this is spot on — any thoughts on how to stand out among all the new webinar and podcast content created in the last 12 months?”

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Recent Months Have Shown an Upswing in Digital Sales Engagements

Peter posed a great question (thank you, Peter!) — and, as luck would have it, I do have some thoughts on how B2B business owners can develop informative, compelling content that sets itself apart from the competitive masses. Yes, we have absolutely seen a significant surge in the total number of B2B business owners who can no longer sell through networking. As a result, these founder-led organizations have switched to digital channels, like podcasts and webinars, to build their pipeline of prospects, partners, and customers. 

The increase in the total number of B2B users leveraging these online assets will make standing out harder for all of us. But, there are a few key things to consider when developing podcasts and webinars. 


Content Quality

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Content quality should always be a B2B business owner’s top priority. No matter how saturated digital channels get with podcasts and webinars, prospects are continuously searching for informative content that arms them with the knowledge they need to make a buying decision. Creating and posting quality content not only educates consumers, but it also encourages them to promote it, recommend it, and come back for more. 



Consistency can play a critical role in the success of any sales engagement strategy. B2B owners who are consistent and play the long game will win out with digital channels. Some founder-led businesses become too consumed with immediate gains. If they don’t achieve fast results, they move on to another technique. Resist the urge to give up if you don’t have instant success. Consistently developing and sharing new content increases the likelihood of building long-term traction. 


Speaking to the Prospects

As we’ve already mentioned, there are a lot of B2B businesses producing content right now. But, like any digital platform, some users are uniquely better at speaking to their audience than others. Many founder-led companies can stand out in their vertical by niching down and focusing on a key area where they can be one of the few experts. 


Use Sales Engagement Platforms to Build Community

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Don’t just communicate at your webinar participants — engage with them. Webinars that go beyond the standardized format can open up the session at the end for questions. A Q&A session instantly creates engagement and helps build a sustainable community for the ultimate digital content win/win/


Let Us Know How You Create Webinar and Podcasts That Stand Out

How do you develop digital content that stands out from the competition? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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