3 Sales Engagement Events That Drive Prospect Engagement

High-performing sales organizations are masters at connecting with people on a human level and developing rapport with prospects in an engaging and meaningful way. Previous generations of sellers relied on cold calls and even colder sales pitches. Today’s successful sales companies have officially ditched the sales pitch, recognizing that an impersonal, canned outreach to schedule a meeting simply doesn’t work. Instead, competent sales reps get involved and interested — they want to meet you and understand more about who you are before attempting to do business with them. The most successful sellers leverage the power of sales engagement events to begin the relationship building process

The Benefits of Using Sales Engagement Events to Connect with Consumers 

Sales engagement events offer an invaluable opportunity for sales reps and SDRs to reach out to prospects without asking them for anything. Instead, sellers can connect with potential customers solely to share information consumers may value. Yes, this process may seem counterintuitive, but it does have merit. Reaching out with information a client values can increase the conversion and sales engagement rate as much as 19 times higher than cold outreach for meeting setting alone. 

Which Sales Engagement Events Work Best for Your Business? 

Best of all, there are multiple sales engagement event formats. Sales organizations can determine which platform will work best for buyers to further personalize the fit and value. Here are three types of sales engagement events that drive sales engagement. 

Educational Webinars

FounderScale Sales Engagement Event Educational Webinars

Educational webinars have rapidly gained popularity in recent years, particularly in 2020, when many businesses have moved to a remote workforce. Working from home has given buyers more time to set aside for professional growth and development. There are many types of webinars available. However, sharing information on an educational webinar where prospective consumers feel they will leave informed (and with takeaway action items) is an ideal way to start and build a relationship. 

Interview Style Podcast

FounderScale Interview Style Podcast Sales EngagementAgain, a 2020 silver lining (there are at least a few). Right now, many at-home workers have time to dedicate to new ventures, such as a podcast. An interview-style podcast allows you to invest prospects on your podcast for a pitch-free chat. You start the conversation, and they’ll provide the marketing content for their organization. If nothing else, this type of podcast is an excellent way to learn more about your prospect’s specific professional pain points — be sure to keep that in mind when writing your interview script!


Targeted Small Groups

FounderScale Human Level EngagementMany businesses are struggling right now to build and grow their professional networks. Enter targeted small groups. Creating small focus groups of people that want to overcome similar challenges is a great reason to reach out to prospects. You’re offering them access to a group of like-minded people working to solve similar challenges — they’ll thank you for it. 

The real difference with sales engagement events is that they not only promote human-level engagement and provide value, but they also start from an altruistic and genuine place that helps people overcome challenges. Proactively anticipating these challenges encourages prospects to stay engaged and may prompt them to introduce you to other potential consumers and buy from you when the time is right. 


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