What is a B2B Sales Webinar — And Why You Should Use It

Sales webinars have grown in popularity over the last few years. They’ve proven themselves as a vital resource for B2B organizations. A business to business ( B2B ) sales webinar is an educational presentation. It’s primary purpose is to help buyers navigate the buyer’s journey. Every educational B2B sales webinar provides relevant data to a buyer based on their challenges and position in the decision-making process.

The Benefits of Using B2B Sales Webinars in Your Sales Enablement Mix

B2B sales webinars offer several unique benefits to B2B organizations. Webinars enable businesses to target a specific audience. They also allow companies to deliver content highlighting the advantages of their services. Webinars are easy and affordable to produce. As a result, companies often create several a year. Best of all, B2B sales webinars allow companies to connect with the masses simultaneously. There are no limits to how many people can be reached at the same time.

B2B Sales Webinar

How To Develop Effective B2B Sales Webinars

Crafting a successful sales webinar takes time and careful planning. It’s the responsibility of the sales and marketing team to create and deliver webinars that help buyers:

  • Understand their challenges
  • Know their options for resolving these challenges
  • Recognize what a solution from the presenting organization look like

To optimize outcomes with sales webinars, sales and marketing teams need to vary the presentation style to support overall goals and objectives. The first thing to determine is where their audience will be in the sales funnel. Sales funnel placement helps define relevant topics. If the audience is at the top of the sales funnel, the goal is new engagement. As a result, the webinar needs to be highly educational and not have a sales pitch.

Designing B2B Sales Webinars to Suit Your Audience

Top of funnel activities are informative and meant to build trust. An example of a top-of-funnel webinar would be 10 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Cyber Security Company. This presentation speaks to someone who is having a sales challenge but isn’t sure how they want to solve it. Attendees to this webinar are likely in the research phase of their buyer’s journey. These buyers are gathering data, and the webinar will help them determine if your company might be a good option to solve their challenges.

FounderScale - Buyer's Journey

Not all webinars will be geared towards the top-of-funnel prospects in the awareness stage. For example, your sales team may have an existing pipeline of people who have already decided that they are interested in solving their cyber security sales challenges using your company. Webinar content created for these participants should highlight solution comparisons or the pros and cons of using a specific methodology.

Are You Ready to Use B2B Sales Webinars in Your Founder-Led Business?

No matter what type of business you are increasing sales for, using B2B sales webinars are a great way to build engagement and start relationships with prospects. However, creating and maintaining the process can be difficult for founder-led companies with limited resources. FounderScale can help. Contact us today to discuss a sales enablement strategy for your organization.


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