What is a B2B Sales Agency and Why Founders Need One

When you’re the founder, the weight of sales success sits clearly on your shoulders. This burden has worn down even some of the most successful entrepreneurs.

When you’re used to doing everything yourself, it can be difficult to get outside help. Rest assured we’ve walked in your shoes, so we know first-hand how hard that can be. It’s OK.

Working with a B2B sales agency means you get expert help from experienced professionals that can help jumpstart your sales process. It saves you time and accelerates growth more quickly.

What is a B2B Sales Agency?

A B2B sales agency is pretty much what it sounds like:  a group of experts focused on developing the resources and culture you need to maximize revenue generation. While some of the strategies they use will be similar to what a typical marketing agency would do, this laser focus on sales is what sets a B2B sales agency, such as FounderScale, apart.

The Difference Between a B2B Sales Agency and a Marketing Agency

FounderScale B2B Sales Agency vs Marketing Agency

A marketing agency can help position your company’s brand.  They can manage your public image and create content that engages prospects. While a B2B marketing agency can help to generate sales over time, they’re focused more holistically.

More than just a marketing agency, a B2B sales agency is focused on creating the tools, processes, and culture you need to produce growth. It creates alignment between marketing and sales to provide a consistent, Sales-first Methodology that drives prospects through the customer journey and converts.

You’d think such alignment would come naturally since marketing and sales have the same end goal. In practice, we see misalignment more often than not. Especially in startups, fast-growing companies, and founder-led businesses, they’re often missing that connective tissue that tracks actions to results in a meaningful way.

The Benefits of Working with a B2B Sales Agency

When you work with a B2B sales agency, you get more than just solid advice on generating revenue. You get proven systems to improve sales engagement that are powered by an underlying sales enablement culture throughout your organization. It’s this Sales-first methodology that leads to sustainable growth.

Working with a B2B sales agency can free up your time and enhance how your sales team works.

Proven SystemsFounderScale Sales Process Diagram

Sales rarely happen by accident. Most often, they’re the result of a four-step process:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Turn leads into sales qualified leads
  3. Nurture them through the customer journey
  4. Close deals

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? In reality, it takes a systematic approach to drive prospects through the sales funnel.

The right B2B sales agency can help you establish systems to prospect, nurture, and convert customers. At the same time, you’ll get a process for measuring the performance of your sales and marketing efforts and your sales team members.

Implementation and Training

hubspot solutions partner

As a HubSpot B2B sales agency, FounderScale can implement and train your team on:

  • HubSpot CRM to manage your sales teams, lead generation, and sales funnel
  • HubSpot B2B Sales and Marketing Automation to deliver customized content at just the right time
  • HubSpot Reporting for forecasting and managing people and initiatives

Sales Automation

Sales automation as part of your process can dramatically improve your outreach efforts. In many cases, it can double or triple the number of actions. This increases your reach while lowering the time and expense associated with your prospecting and marketing. 

Automation can track buyers as they make their way through the customer journey. This frees your sales team up to stop chases low-quality leads and focus on high-value prospects that have the greatest livelihood of converting.

FounderScale can also help you with webinar services and sales engagement events that generate inbound leads and provide training for your sales teams.

Customer ExperienceFounderScale Customer Experience

A B2B sales agency can bring together everything you need to create a better customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) has grown in importance over the years. As consumers have grown more comfortable with online buying, they expect instant access to information and an Amazon-like experience anywhere they shop. This carries over in the B2B world as well. 

That’s why 71% of organizations say CX is their top priority. Yet, few have invested the time to create a B2B sales and marketing machine that fully supports this mission. Less than a third of CEOs say they’ve achieved their customer experience goals. 

B2B sales agencies can help create a stellar customer experience to enhance sales efforts.

What We Do

We help founder-led B2B businesses increase sales by reducing friction in the sales and marketing process. As a HubSpot Solutions Provider, we help businesses maximize their ROI of the Hubspot platform

Contact FounderScale today and let us help you grow your business.

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