The Challenges Sales Engagement Platforms Solve

Sales engagement platforms offer a software-based solution that both enhances and automates sales outreach and communications. These software solutions provide a multi-channel platform that integrates into a company’s:

  • Email
  • Phone systems
  • Social Platforms

Beyond delivering multi-channel outreach, sales engagement platforms also provide a sales process and metrics that highlight which sales outreach methodologies work best for your business. Here are several challenges that Sales Engagement Platforms help B2B businesses manage.

Sales Outreach Volume

Sales Engagement PlatformsWithout a sales engagement platform, outbound sales and prospecting is done the hard way. One example is when a sales rep is sending prospects one email at a time through Outlook or Google Suite. The entire process is manual, with no automated follow-up. Sales reps have to use folders, spreadsheets, and template documents to manage the process. Sales engagement platforms provide automated and semi-automated ways to increase outbound volume.

Sales Consistency

Have you ever wondered why one sales rep receives responses to emails and calls, and another doesn’t? They get different reactions (or lack thereof) because they have different approaches. They use different email subjects, leave different voicemails, and deliver different messages. Sales engagement platforms solve these challenges by providing built-in templates and metrics that highlight what works and what doesn’t.

Sales Metrics

Marketing operations helps with metrics and reportingProspecting, lead follow-ups, and many other sales actions are completed from an individual sales rep’s email. The challenge with that is that it can make it more difficult to see what works and who is following best practices. Sales engagement platforms provide metrics on these types of interactions. The system also gives the sales team insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Inbound and Outbound

Sales engagement platforms provide value in both outbound and inbound sales scenarios. Let’s dive into two common sales challenges with examples.

Outbound Prospecting
SDRs, BDRs, and outbound sales reps use a complex outreach process across many steps and channels to engage with prospects. A successful strategy includes:

  • 1-3 emails
  • 2 phone calls
  • Social outreach over 5-7 day period

Following a cohesive process, using the right message, and ensuring the use of multiple channels is the only way to optimize strategy results.

Businesses without a sales engagement solution track templates and data using a web of spreadsheets, tools, and documents. Sales engagement platforms consolidate the process. A system will offer one easy-to-use tool. As a result, sales reps spend more time executing the process than managing it.


Inbound Sales

A prospect visits your site and fills out a form. The form is then routed to an inside sales rep for follow-up. Instead of using the prescribed email template, the agent initially follows up with their own email. Unfortunately, they then get busy and forget to follow up again. Or perhaps saw that the lead came from an Gmail account, made their own decision on its priority, and never follow-up at all. With a sales engagement platform, you can have preconfigured, automated follow-up sequences prepared. As soon as a prospect completes the lead, the system will send a series of follow-ups and content until the prospect engages or the sequence finishes.

For more information on using sales engagement platforms to drive revenue in your organization, contact FounderScale.


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