Five Ways Marketing Operations Helps B2B Leaders

Learn how marketing operations can streamline your marketing team to drive more effective campaigns and boost revenue.

Marketing leaders in B2B organizations always have a lot on their plates. Small to mid-sized businesses have many initiatives and goals to manage and often not enough resources to delegate effectively. Beyond a full task list, other factors make it challenging for marketing leaders to stay ahead of their workload. Manual task management is a key contributor to missed team deliverables. In a recent survey, over 40% of workers surveyed spend at least a quarter of their work week on manual, repetitive tasks, with email, data collection, and data entry occupying the most time.

When first getting started, many founders and business owners rely on doing things manually for expediency. But, as the company grows, operations must grow as well. Relying on everything to be done manually impacts marketing’s efficiency and ability to drive ROI.

5 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Marketing Operations Solutions

Marketing operations offer an ideal way for B2B owners to support marketing leaders. Marketing operations strategies manage some of the key tasks within the department. A cohesive marketing ops strategy yields several significant benefits, such as:

1. Software Use
Some B2B businesses have already purchased marketing automation software. Others have a host of effective tools they don’t use. At FounderScale, we often hear statements from marketing leaders at B2B companies like:

  • We have the tools, but we don’t use them
  • We bought something to help with that, but I’m not sure if they use it

Marketing operations solutions should include a plan for user adoption for optimized ROI.

Hubspot Integration

2. System Integration

Even the most powerful marketing automation tool may get a little pushback at first. Many worry that a software solution will somehow impede the natural marketing workflow. Fortunately, there are options that work with both internal systems and existing processes. A good marketing operations team can ensure all systems are properly integrated to be able to track campaigns and conversions properly.

Marketing operations helps with systems integration

3. Metrics and Reporting
Data analysis and reporting is a common challenge for many business leaders. Some of the more common frustrations we hear from our executives are:

  • I don’t know which campaigns are working and which ones need work
  • We don’t get regular reports to know what decisions to make

Marketing automation software delivers report and analysis functionality. These features offer more in-depth insight into current campaign strengths and trends.

Marketing operations helps with metrics and reporting

4. Consistency
As we’ve already mentioned, B2B marketing teams often have more work than resources. As a result, big push initiatives can create challenges for organizations. A conference or annual event can shift staff priorities. As a result, the team may struggle to maintain momentum with other deliverables. Marketing operations use automation for consistency even during the busiest stretches for the company.

Marketing operations offers marketing support

5. Marketing Support
Most importantly, marketing operations services provide the support your team needs during the implementation of new technology. B2B leaders have bigger things to dedicate their time to daily. They don’t have time to focus on endless hours of integrations, reports, or other marketing automation tasks. The marketing operations team equips them with the resources they need to attend to deadlines and upcoming initiatives.

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