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What is Marketing Operations?

Marketing Operations enables the marketing team and connected teams, like sales, to operate efficiently through enhanced marketing strategy, marketing technology, and marketing analytics.

Marketing Operations Services

When marketing leadership is overwhelmed and needs to optimize, they turn to marketing operations to enhance marketing technology, provide marketing analytics, and ensure the best marketing strategy. 

  Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing strategy requires a broad knowledge of the marketing landscape covering marketing analytics, marketing technology, and hard-won experience understanding what does and doesn't work. 

  Marketing Technology

There are over 8000 marketing technology tools to pick from and selection is just the beginning. After your purchase, you need to ensure your ROI through changes management, adoption and integration.

  Marketing Analytics

Most marketing organizations struggle to provide insightful marketing analytics on an ongoing basis while juggling all the other tasks. We can help ensure that you get the right marketing analytics. 

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Josh Sweeney and Taylor Barnes discuss the challenges of sales leadership while sharing ideas, solutions, and experiences.

Marketing Strategy

Strategy and Analysis

Marketing analysis and strategy work can take away precious time from your marketing team. As your marketing operations partner, we can create and collaborate on the right marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Development

We can focus on developing your B2B marketing strategy while your marketing team stays focused on execution.

Marketing Strategy Planning

Marketing strategy planning is a cumbersome task without a guide that has the experience to lead the process. 

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Marketing Technology

Tools and Integration

Using all the features of your marketing technology stack to drive leads requires expertise that we can provide.

Marketing Technology Stack

The B2B marketing technology stack is a complex web of marketing tools that must be managed in order to drive ROI.

Marketing Technology Integration

Having marketing manually move data around is time-consuming and error-prone. Marketing technology integrations optimize the workflow so your marketing team can focus on driving leads. 

Marketing Analytics

Tools and Reports

Accurate and consistent marketing analytics ensure that you are making high impact changes and utilizing your marketing budget to its fullest.

Marketing KPI's

Marketing KPI's and goal tracking is the core of any successful marketing effort. Let us help you identify and track your marketing KPI's.

Marketing Reports

Marketing reports tell you what part of your marketing strategy is and isn't working. Our marketing operations team can make sure you have the data your need on a recurring basis. 

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