5 Ways Sales Leaders Can Increase HubSpot ROI

HubSpot is a full-stack software suite that helps businesses manage their sales and marketing. Because it is so robust and offers so many features, it can be challenging to leverage each area of the software and increase Hubspot ROI.  

It offers:

  • Customer Relationship Management (HubSpot CRM)FounderScale Blog - Hubspot Logo
    Organize, track, and nurture relationships
  • Marketing Hub
    Grow your traffic and convert more leads
  • Sales Hub
    Manage your sales pipeline and gain deeper insight into prospects
  • Service Hub
    Customer service tools to connect with customers
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    Build and manage website content


The Hubspot sales and marketing platform does a great job providing an intuitive user experience. Through Hubspot Academy, the organization offers helpful video training and, where available, they host local user events to increase adoption of the platform. Even with all these options, however, it can still be a challenge to get every user to adopt new software solutions. Our experience with sales teams shows that there are five specific areas you need to focus on to increase HubSpot ROI:

  1. User Training
  2. Setting Expectations
  3. Using HubSpot to Manage Meetings
  4. Driving User Adoption
  5. Committing to the Strategy

The Five-Step Process for Increasing HubSpot ROI

Follow these five steps to fully engage the sales and marketing teams to maximize their use of HubSpot.

User Training

Hubspot user trainingFor any effective training program, sales leaders must do two things: make training mandatory and make training time available to their sales times. HubSpot adoption and usage will help sales teams save time and work more efficiently, but many employees already feel overwhelmed with the work they have on their plate and don’t want to take the time to train.

If you don’t schedule their time and mandate the complete the training, you won’t get the benefits out of the platform.

Setting Expectations 

We’ve all had great tools that we adopted and then let sit on the shelf. If you’re looking to create a more strategic approach to your sales efforts, that just doesn’t work. You need to set the expectations from the start and reinforce those expectations with your actions.

Senior leadership can set expectations with managers on how they need to leverage HubSpot tools. Managers can then set expectations with individual HubSpot users on how they should utilize the software. 

Using HubSpot to Manage Meetings

One of the most effective ways to reinforce expectations is to run meetings using HubSpot’s reporting tools and lists. For example, a weekly team or one-on-one meetings to discuss pending business should be run using HubSpot deals. You’ll be able to tell right away whether sales teams are using the platform and making the most of it. It emphasizes the importance of HubSpot, sets the expectation that all information will be entered into the system, and helps keep things organized.


The same strategy applies to reviewing marketing analytics. Bring up the HubSpot Marketing Report and run the meetings using the report. When managers are consistently running meetings using HubSpot tools, they reinforce that users must use and adopt HubSpot. 

Driving User Adoption

Setting Expectations for Hubspot ROINo software platform is any good if people don’t use it. You need to track adoption levels. HubSpot has multiple types of reports to indicate usage levels, including what features each person is leveraging and which features are going unused in HubSpot CRM and other tools.

We recommend running weekly reports and reaching out to sales reps or marketing users to find out how you can help them leverage the software to be more effective.

Committing to the Strategy

Committing To Strategy for Hubspot ROI

Sales management must commit to HubSpot CRM and show their commitment to the sales team to leverage the platform.

Sales teams are going to take their lead from sales managers. If management doesn’t use HubSpot CRM – or doesn’t seem to value it – neither will the salespeople.

FounderScale: A HubSpot Solutions Partner

FounderScale is a 5-star rated HubSpot ROI solution partner. As a B2B sales agency for founder-led businesses, we help organizations optimize their HubSpot usage to enable sales strategies that grow sustainable revenue.

Here are just a few ways we can help you set up and optimize HubSpot in your organization:

  • Use HubSpot to maximize your deal pipeline and ensure your sales team is engaging with prospects at the right time
  • Use HubSpot’s marketing automation to get the right message and content in front of customers and potential customers at the right time, manage lead magnets, forms, and follow-ups, and build your sales team’s online profile.
  • Use HubSpot’s reporting to track every stage of the marketing efforts and customer journey

Contact FounderScale today to schedule a call and free consultation. Let us show you how HubSpot can drive your business forward.


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