Increase Cyber Security Sales by Becoming a Trusted Partner

Our last cyber security article outlines five niche-specific obstacles B2B leaders face when specializing in cyber security sales. The biggest challenge highlighted in the piece is that cyber security executives, based on the very nature of their profession, are more difficult to reach – and find information on – than leaders in other industries. 

How Can Your Business Stand Out From Other Cyber Security Sales Vendors? 

Trusted Cyber Security Partner

Cyber security directors have many options available to them when looking to problem solve. As a result, successful cyber security sales leaders need to be creative, go the extra mile, and establish trust throughout the B2B relationship. Simply put: effective sales in this industry often requires going from mere cyber security provider to trusted cyber security partner. 

Here are three ways to help your founder-led organization do exactly that:


Build a Channel 

Cyber security businesses can establish a sales channel in multiple ways based on their organization’s size and style. At FounderScale, we’ve collaborated with various companies in this space that come at building a channel differently than other operations. For example, one cyber security software vendor sells directly to consumers in some situations. However, this business owner realized that they could also work with MSSPs to drive revenue. 

Another cyber security services partner established itself as the go-to resource for cyber security software vendors with staff shortages. Both of these organizations innovated within their vertical to speed up growth while building up direct channels. 

Rekindle Relationships

Rekindle Relationships - FounderScale Blog

Many cyber security leaders have been in the industry for a long time. They have built their networks and know a lot of players in the vertical. At FounderScale, we help our clients leverage those relationships. One strategy we have found to be effective is merely reaching out to schedule “catch up” calls. Our B2B business owners use these catch up calls to check in and see how their contacts are doing. 

We know what you’re thinking: My contacts are not my ideal clients. Or maybe, checking in with them will not help me hit my sales number today. We get the sense of urgency you may be feeling. We also recognize that it may seem counterintuitive to spend your time this way. However, we’ve found that simple check-in calls build helpful partnerships. I’m always surprised by how often my asking, “what are you up to these days,” turns into, “I didn’t know you were offering/doing/solving that, let me introduce you to…”

A Great Meal

Offer me a great meal, and chances are, I will show up. The same can be said for so many of the prospects and decision-makers in your prospect list. At FounderScale, we have seen how meals and dinners can be leveraged in many different ways to:Business Dinner - FounderScale Blog

  • Create community
  • Get people together
  • Build rapport

Most importantly, a great meal is a great way to get you in the same room with cyber security decision-makers. One effective (pre-Covid) strategy was to invite conference prospects for a fun evening at a great restaurant after the day’s events. A local approach included invited like-minded people out for a fun event to build relationships with prospects. Both options provide a low or no pitch environment, all while delivering value to cyber security prospects. 

Contact FounderScale today to learn more about effective cyber security sales strategies.


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