HubSpot Sequences vs Marketing Emails: What’s the Difference?

HubSpot is a powerful sales and marketing tool that can help your organization increase revenue. It provides a unified place to attract, convert, close, and delight your customers and prospects. In this post, we’ll dive into how you can use HubSpot to power inbound and outbound sales and marketing activities with Sequences and Marketing Emails. Let’s start by defining each tool and what function it serves. 

What Are HubSpot Sequences?

FounderScale - Hubspot SequenceHubSpot Sequences is a powerful tool for automating sales outreach and follow-up. Sequences deliver relevant content to prospects as a way to nurture them along the buyer’s journey. They can be used to automate task creation to help your sales team ensure leads are nurtured and nothing falls through the cracks.

When prospects take specific actions, such as replying to an email or setting a meeting, they are removed from the sequence and the SDR is alerted. 

What Are HubSpot Marketing Emails?

FounderScale - Types of Hubspot Emails

HubSpot marketing emails are messages that are sent to a segment of subscribers based on behavior and user actions. This tool is typically the province of the marketing team which is trying to generate leads and get prospects into the sales funnel.

It can include messages such as weekly newsletters, webinar invitations, product updates, or special offers. 

Hubspot Sequences: Automated Sales Emails

Sequences are used by salespeople to enroll prospects into a highly-personalized series of messages. Sequences allow the automation of sales outreach and follow-up. With the sequences tool, you can send a series of targeted, timed email templates based on where the prospect is in the buyer’s journey.


  • Demo request
  • Invitations to event or webinar
  • Content offers, such as eBooks
  • High-value resources
  • Personalized outreach after a demo

Driving prospects through the customer lifecycle with relevant content is powerful. Sequenced emails have open rates 80% higher than single emails. Companies that adopt and excel at email sequencing report 80% more sales at costs that are less than a third of others.

FounderScale Blog - Email Sequence

Marketing Emails 

HubSpot allows you to quickly create branded marketing emails. Because all your data is in one central platform, you can customize email content based on previous activity or lifecycle stage. Information from contact records can help you determine the most relevant content and offers to deliver, including the subject lines most likely to produce higher open rates.

You can also create personalized, automated marketing emails that are sent to prospects whenever they trigger a workflow. For example, when a prospect clicks on one of your ads or submits information from a website form, they can be added to your marketing database and sent the appropriate email. They can also be added to a marketing sequence for further nurturing.

FounderScale Blog - Email PerformanceEmails tied to triggers perform three times better than any other type of email. The number of triggers you can set up can include things such as:

  • Blog page views
  • Clicks on links in an email
  • Social media engagement
  • Content downloads
  • Multiple page visits

These are just a few of the many triggers you can customize to meet predefined criteria. Each can be linked to different automated marketing emails to follow up and help guide prospects to the next stage.


  • Lead nurturing streams
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • Onboarding new clients

Upsell or Cross-Sell Existing Customers

There’s also significant value in nurturing existing clients.

Let’s say someone is already a current customer of one of your products, but they have come to your website and looked at add-on products a couple of times. It’s the perfect time to hit them with an offer for the products they’ve been checking out. This can lead to upsells or cross-sell opportunities without requiring intervention from a sales rep.

Even if you’re not trying to sell them anything at the moment, these customized marketing emails can be used to provide valuable information to keep your products, services, and company top of mind.

Grow Your Business with HubSpot Marketing Emails and HubSpot Sequences

FounderScale is a B2B sales agency that can help you increase sales with HubSpot CRM and Marketing solutions. We can help you design custom programs for both HubSpot sequences and HubSpot marketing emails.

Get in touch with FounderScale today and schedule a free one-hour HubSpot consultation to show you how these powerful tools can help grow your business.


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