How to Leverage Hubspot for Webinars

Let’s be honest – webinars can be a lot of work without the right tools!

You have to send emails, create social posts, execute 1-to-1 outreach, set up event reminders, and deliver a whole host of other tasks to ensure your webinar is promoted and delivered without issues. 

This is where using Hubspot for webinars comes into play. When used correctly, Hubspot supports and unifies both the sales and marketing functions of webinar production. It can be used to support webinar execution while creating a unified brand experience. 

Below are 6 ways that Hubspot can support your webinar execution. It is important to remember that each benefit below is available from Hubspot but may vary by edition and package.

hubspot for webinars

6 Ways to Utilize Hubspot for Webinars

1. Social Posts
The Hubspot social features help you schedule all of the social posts that will go out to promote your webinar. We recommend scheduling all of your pre- and post-webinar social media posts 30 days ahead of the webinar date. 

2. Email Marketing
From an email marketing perspective, Hubspot provides an easy way to send your webinar announcement whether it be a standalone invite or part of your newsletter. You can also use the email marketing feature to send branded webinar event reminders.

3. Marketing Automation
Hubspot marketing automation tools allow you to automate registration reminders, event reminders, and post-webinar follow-ups.  

4. List Management
The Hubspot list management feature enables you to quickly and easily segment your contact data so that you know who should receive which message. This allows you to send targeted messages based on an endless number of factors. After the webinar is over, you can easily identify those who registered and attended, separate from those who did not attend. 

5. Hubspot CRM
Driving prospects to your webinar is great but, at some point, you need to drive revenue. This is where tapping into the Hubspot CRM comes into play. All attendees should be routed to sales reps for post-webinar follow-up. 

6. Sequences
Sequences provide a way for sales reps to invite people to webinars in a repeatable and scalable way. Multi-part email sequences complement marketing and drive prospects to the webinar.  

We have shared 6 different ways to leverage Hubspot for webinars. The Hubspot tool can help you automate webinar pre-production, delivery, and follow-up. If you want to learn more about tapping into the power of webinars, here are a couple of posts you may like:  

Are you getting the most out of your investment in Hubspot? Would you like to drive better adoption of the tool? Contact us.



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