5 Types of Dynamic Webinars That Keep People Engaged

Learn about 5 types of webinars that can engage and delight your audience. 

In order for webinars to be an effective sales enablement and marketing tool, we have to focus on the value that a webinar provides and ensure that attendees stay engaged. If your webinars are all about you, delivered in a monotone voice and we can hear the presenter flipping pages of the script, it is likely the audience will not register for another webinar with your company.

There are a number of options to create engaging webinars that we are going to dig into.

Educational Webinar Educational

We like to treat educational webinars like a training session. This is an opportunity for you, as a leader and influencer in your industry, to help others by passing along knowledge that the attendee can immediately use in their role. To set up and deliver this webinar correctly, think about how you would deliver an intro class on a certain topic.

Educational webinars are great for individuals that are early in the buyer’s journey. They are looking for knowledge to make a great decision about a purchase and because you educated them, that purchase may end up being with you.

Product or Service Webinar Product / Service Demo

A product or service demo is often delivered on a recurring basis so that prospects can learn more about your solutions. The recurring nature of it makes it easy for sales reps to invite prospects to a demo that has a set date and time.
Product and Services demos start off with an overview of the challenge businesses face, highlighting why they need your solution, and then move into an overview of how your solution or product solves the problem.

Fireside Chat or Roundtable WebinarFireside Chat

Fireside chats could be panels, roundtables, or other group-oriented webinars where multiple experts are brought in to share their thoughts and play off each other’s content. The setting and style can vary but the main draw for prospects is the experience shares of the panel or group that is being interviewed.
The company hosting this type of webinar is usually the moderator asking the questions but they can also have one of their influencers on the panel.

Co-Hosted Webinar Co-hosted

Co-hosted webinars are a great way to expand your reach with someone who also aligns with your business. These webinars could be conversational but are often a back and forth presentation where each host presents certain parts of the webinar.
The more that the two co-hosts play off of each other and collaborate during the webinar, the more engaging the content can be. The preference is to NOT have it be stoic where it feels like two different webinars merged with one person speaking for 15 minutes, then the other, then it is done.

Interactive or Facilitated Webinar Facilitated Interactive

Many webinar listeners not only want to hear the content but would like to interact. With this style webinar, you have one presenter and one person feeding the presenter questions from the audience as they progress along. This makes the webinar more interactive and breaks up the webinar so that the audience isn’t listening to someone speak the entire time waiting for their questions to be answered at the end.

There are many different types of webinars that can be delivered to drive prospects to your event. The style and delivery will help them decide if you are the right fit to solve their problem and if they would like to attend future webinars. We encourage you to think about the different styles and how you can evolve your content to bring in more prospects.

Additional Resources

Sales engagement platforms give prospects a reason to engage with your organization. Platforms include webinars, interview podcasts, lunch-and-learns, and other interactions that are educational and help build relationships. Learn how to tap into the power of these platforms by watching our on-demand webinar, Increasing B2B Sales with Sales Engagement Platforms.

Getting buried in the logistics of planning, promoting, and delivering webinars? We can help! Contact us to learn more.


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