6 Helpful B2B Sales Resources, December 2020

Here are 6 helpful B2B sales resources to help you ditch the “Connect and Pitch” methodology.

Want to hear a sobering statistic?

In Q2 of 2020, seller email outreach increased 59% while buyer responses decreased by 25% – 30%. Sellers more than doubled the amount of outbound outreach!

In order to make a positive impression and stand out from the crowd, you need to approach your sales operations strategically. Over-automation and lack of personalization are not going to generate results. Here are 6 helpful B2B sales resources to help you navigate the new selling landscape.

6 Helpful B2B Sales Resources

5 Steps to Get Your Sales Teams Warm Intros via RevGenius

The key to any successful sales mechanism is to establish a scalable process around it. Here are some steps you can take to easily enable your sales team.


The Ultimate Guide to Sales Scripts (With Examples) via Hubspot

Many salespeople believe they won’t sound good if they read from a sales script. While you should never read from a script when selling, a sales script can greatly improve your results by preparing you with the best questions and lines to say and ask.


Hubspot Research Global Sales Enablement Survey via Hubspot, Sandler, LinkedIn, Gong

In this new environment, growth is a tough topic to broach with many sales leaders. While some
businesses have seen accelerated growth this year, many have not. In fact, 40% of businesses
surveyed for this report will miss revenue targets in 2020.


Increase Sales Engagement by 3066% with LinkedIn and Podcasts via FounderScale

Proper LinkedIn outreach paired with interview-style podcasts can increase your sales engagement by 3066%. In this training, we show you how to get in front of prospects using the right channel, the right message, and the right value proposition. Watch on-demand now!


Purpose-Driven Sales Podcast: Helicopter Parent Sales Managers, Episode 30

In this episode, we discuss some of the common micromanagement pitfalls that many leaders encounter and share a few remedies that will help you, the sales leader, strike a balance between ensuring the quality of your clients’ experience with your company and giving your team the experience they need to become independent and successful.


A Letter To the Sales Industry: It’s Time To Put the Buyer First via Jonathan Lister

Designing a sales model that embraces this reality isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ — it’s imperative. The companies that act now can realize a significant competitive advantage, those who don’t face up to this reality run the very real risk of being left behind.



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