Top 5 HubSpot Email Marketing Tips to Improve Performance

Email marketing remains as one of the most effective marketing channels and consistently demonstrates high ROI. Yet, it can be challenging to stand amid the never-ending stream of marketing messages flooding people’s inboxes. Following a few email marketing tips, however, you can significantly improve performance.

To be effective, your email marketing approach must be strategic, targeted, and optimized. When you can provide relevant information with the right contextual messaging to the right person, reflecting where they are in the buyer’s journey, email marketing is a powerful tool.

HubSpot email marketing does a lot of the heavy lifting for you to make it easier to manage campaigns.

Top 5 HubSpot Email Marketing Tips

Here are our top five HubSpot email marketing tips to help you maximize your results.

1. Audience Segmentation

Marketers using segmented campaigns see the highest success rates — as much as a 760% increase in revenue. To raise your conversion rate and overall email marketing metrics, segment smaller audiences based on their pain points, buyer persona, and more with HubSpot’s Lists.

Because your prospects are all at different stages of their buying journey, this helps you send the right marketing message at the right time. The more relevant the content is, the better your open rates and conversions will be. Audience segmentation produces:

  • Increased open rates
  • Lowered unsubscribed rates
  • Higher deliverability
  • Increased sales leads

With HubSpot list segmentation tools, you can automatically sort contacts or companies based on multiple variables, such as industry, age, forecast deal size, or most recent content download. This lets you hyper-target contacts and is a key aspect of personalizing email marketing at scale. For example, you can send a customized message to subscribers that have downloaded an eBook but have not yet talked to your sales team.

Within HubSpot, any time you make a change to a subscriber record, it will automatically update your list so you’ll always have current information.

2. Clear & Concise CTAs

Every email should have a specific goal and needs to make it obvious to the reader what you want them to do. The Call to Action (CTA) strategy is a crucial part of your HubSpot email marketing tips. To increase your campaign’s effectiveness, make it obvious to the reader what action you want them to take and why they should do it.

Email marketing tips include:

  • Focus on the customer benefits of clicking on your CTA.
  • Showcase how your solution solves a customer pain point.
  • Use natural language rather than “click now” or “submit.”
  • Make your CTAs obvious and stand out from the rest of your content.

Although it will vary by industry, the average email click-through rate is between 2% and 3%. If you’re not seeing rates in that range, take a closer look at your CTAs, especially if you’re getting solid open rate metrics. It’s always a good idea to run A/B tests within HubSpot to confirm and optimize effectiveness.

3. Remove Unengaged Subscribers

Another one of our top email marketing tips is that sending email to inactive customers can hurt you. Some email platforms use filters that notice unopened emails. If this continues, new emails may go directly to the spam folder. To increase your deliverability rate, remove subscribers that do not open your emails from your lists with HubSpot workflows.

Some warning signs that you need to clean your email list include:

  • Reduced open rates
  • Reduced click-through rates
  • Increased spam complaints
  • Increased bounce rates
  • Open rates below industry benchmarks

Some people may still be active, but simply not click on your emails. Before you purge subscribers, you may want to try a re-engagement campaign first.

4. Short and Sweet Subject Lines

Subject lines have one overriding purpose: get someone to open your email. It’s your first — and only — opportunity to get someone to click. However, they must also be short. Limit your subject lines to 50 characters max when creating emails in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub so that readers can view the full subject line on a mobile device. Otherwise, the subject line might get truncated.

Email marketing tips for subject lines include:

  • Explain the value of opening your email.
  • Avoid generic or overtly clickbait subject lines.
  • Don’t repeat the subject line in the preview/pre-header section.
  • Use power words.

You can also A/B test subject lines with your HubSpot email marketing campaign to help optimize your click-through rate.

5. Personalized Emails

The final one of our email marketing tips involves personalization. HubSpot allows you to personalize your emails in a variety of ways to better connect with your subscriber. You can add personalization tokens based on pre-configured values in your CRM. Just as you can segment your audience, you can also automatically customize your email to specific individuals based on audience segments or behavior.

Why is personalization so important? Here are just a few statistics that show exactly why.

HubSpot email marketing allows you to personalize at scale. Using tokens, you can set up rules and then let the automation handle the personalization for you.

Email Marketing Tips for Better Performance

Using these email marketing tips, you can improve performance and optimize your results with HubSpot. Ready to get the most out of HubSpot? Contact FounderScale today for a free audit of your HubSpot marketing strategy and adoption.

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