5 Types of Hubspot Training

Jul 15, 2021 | Hubspot | 0 comments

Hubspot covers four core areas of business which are Sales, Marketing, Service and Operations. Each one of them could individually be a career focus that any individual would spend a lifetime learning. With Hubspot being so comprehensive, it is important to get the right Hubspot training for each team member and ensure you are leveraging Hubspot to the fullest.

Concepts Training

The majority of the Hubspot Academy training is what we consider concept training. Hubspot provides an in-depth view into concepts like Inbound Marketing and Frictionless Sales. This ensures that you aren’t just using the tool, but that you fully understand the larger strategy and the “why” behind each sales and marketing action.

Facilitated Training

Whether it be Live or over Zoom, facilitated training is one of the best ways to get your team up to speed with all of the HubSpot features and functions. HubSpot training can provide an interactive experience for each user and ensure that they complete training with the knowledge they need.

Video Training

HubSpot users who don’t sign up for facilitated training can leverage a bevy of online videos to learn HubSpot in multiple sessions and on their own time. HubSpot video training also provides the convenience of being able to go at your own speed or revisit content.

Monthly Updates

Hubspot sends monthly update videos that include all of the latest features and updates. These monthly updates ensure that the team using HubSpot stays up to date on the latest tools and that they are maximizing the value of the software.

Business Training

Many of the previously mentioned options are a great way to learn Hubspot and to stay up to date. But the best training is when you combine the training options above with specific company knowledge and methodologies. This type of HubSpot training ensures that your team not only knows how to use HubSpot features, but also that they know how to use them the way that your company requires based on the role.

Each type of training provides different value and education to your HubSpot users. Select the best style based on time and budget to implement with your team.

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