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Your sales reps don't have time to prospect, we can do it for them.

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What is FounderScale Amplify?

Our team augments your sales representatives by increasing their visibility in the market.
Then we execute sales outreach programs which generate more opportunities.

The Sales Amplify Process

Using a proven process, we execute sales outreach campaigns and drive prospects to sales engagement events.


We align your sales reps to the right targets.


We expand their prospect list with the right targets and increase their reach.


We rapidly increase outbound activity to create new opportunities.

Purpose Driven Sales Podcast


Josh Sweeney and Taylor Barnes discuss the challenges of sales leadership while sharing ideas, solutions, and experiences.


Prospect Intelligence

By analyzing your past success and future goals, we can provide prospect data that puts your sales reps in front of the right target audience. Then, we continuously report on the progress with weekly management reporting.


Continuous reporting helps you spot trends that can then be used to inform sales actions and pivots in real time.


We connect sales data and your sales team enabling them to focus on their time and efforts on leads that actually get results.


Persona Management

We build up your sales reps public profile and move them to influencer status. This process increases visibility to prospects by over 1400%, ensuring that they have heard of the sales rep and your brand.


We put you in front of the right people, at the right time; ensuring your name and company are recognized.


By engaging and sharing content from your industry, we position you as a subject matter expert with demonstrated expertise and authority.


Sales Outreach

We double and triple the outreach from each one of your sales reps which creates more interactions and business opportunities.


Automated processes enable you to double or triple your sales outreach actions while cutting the time and costs associated with prospecting and selling.


Hyper focused, and data informed outreach, enables you to focus your attention on the highest quality leads with the greatest likelihood of converting.

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