Sales Metrics Need to Reinforce Behaviors and Outcomes

Don't reinvent sales metrics, the FS1 sales metrics system is driven by a philosophy you can adopt. 
You deserve metrics that drive sales results.

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What is FounderScale1?

FounderScale1 is a sales metrics system with an opinion. Too often sales metrics are ad-hoc, don't drive sales results, and don't reinforce high-value sales behaviors. We have fixed that with a holistic sales metrics solution. 

FounderScale 1 Sales Metrics System

Attend Cyber Security

Your sales team needs to give cyber security buyers and decision-makers a reason to engage.

We help you drive leads through sales engagement events like webinars, B2B podcasts, and local industry groups.

Amplify for Cyber Security

Once your sales team has a reason to engage, they need to increase the outbound prospecting efforts. But who has the time?

Our team augments your sales representatives and amplifies their outbound sales activities to create new sales opportunities by leverage sales engagement events.

Increase Your B2B Sales!

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Sales Resources

Podcasts, books and information about increasing B2B sales.


Founders Who Trust FounderScale

Ron Perry


One of the biggest benefits of working with FounderScale for sales enablement services is that I've received a centralized resource to manage all of our outreach needs.

Hanno Ekdahl


We've experienced more engagement, more traction with content, and more qualified inbound leads than we've ever had. Our sales cycle is noticeably shorter with these warm prospects, and our team is able to run and continue the program on their own."

Nick Kosko


“We quickly realized that we needed a well-designed sales and marketing strategy to help us redefine client expectations and connect with our target demographic in a meaningful way –That’s where FounderScale came into play."