FounderScale Intern Program

About the Program

The FounderScale Intern Program is a way for college students to get hands-on experience in their field of study by doing real-world work. The work that our interns do has a direct impact on the business which can be shared publicly to build up their portfolio.

How Does It Work?

Each quarter we bring on interns to build a pod. These pods work together, train together, and deliver results as a team. Each person has overlapping and complementary skill sets which create a high-performing team.

What do the pods do?

Each pod is provided a specific area of the business with clear challenges and goals. Pod assignments vary by quarter but they range from taking on marketing initiatives to product development.

What days do we work?

All applicants are expected to work from our office in Duluth from 9-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the duration of the quarter. Any additional time can be worked remotely. We understand the challenges of college schedules and can work with candidates on time and dates.

When does the next cohort start?

The next cohort will start on January 4th 2021 and go until March 30th. This cohort is a marketing-oriented pod that will focus on content production.
For this cohort, we are looking for multiple individuals who are studying marketing, management and/or audio/video production.
  1. Audio Video Producer - This person loves working with cameras, editing producing and directing content.
  2. Social and Video Marketer - This person will manage the promotion and distribution of all content created by the pod.
  3. Marketing Coordinator - This role ensures that all tasks are getting completed, works with various internal and outside resources. Sets up interviews and coordinates the program. They will also contribute to the social, video, and production efforts.
  4. Graphic Designer - This person will create all cover art, social graphics and any other graphics to support the initiative.