HubSpot for Marketing Agencies

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Why Use HubSpot for Marketing Agencies?

HubSpot CRM provides Marketing Agencies a comprehensive suite of tools for marketing, sales, and customer service, which can streamline and scale agency operations within a single platform.

Hubspot Consulting Services

Our team of HubSpot Experts will ensure your platform is set up for maximum results for your agency and clients.

HubSpot Marketing Analytics

HubSpot's analytic capabilities help agencies showcase the impact and value of their marketing efforts, ultimately giving more control over the agencies scalability.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing agencies can create, send, and track email marketing campaigns using HubSpot's email marketing tools.

HubSpot Content Management

HubSpot's content management system (CMS) allows agencies to build and manage websites for their clients. 

Hubspot Testimonials from Marketing Leaders

Nick Keller

Founder of Prinovus Int. 

“Running a small business puts a lot of hats on every single employee and focusing on certain aspects of sales can fall into the cracks. This is exactly where, for us, FounderScale has stepped in to alleviate the stress and increase sales. They have helped us focus on what is important pertaining to sales within and outside of our business, taking away much of the stress and adding value with the pieces that were overlooked or spread too thinly among our staff. They've reminded me of what can sometimes be forgotten when stacked with the daily needs of our business - anything is possible. Highly recommended!”

Lauren Singer

Director of Sales, Perry Construction Management

“We had an excellent experience with FounderScale. Our company is a small business that has been focusing on scaling up this year, and the team at FounderScale were key in getting us going in the right direction. They gave us some fantastic ideas regarding email outreach and guidance on how best to use HubSpot. We would recommend FounderScale without hesitation.​"

Hubspot Marketing Dashboard

HubSpot Marketing Analytics

Analytic Tools

HubSpot’s analytic tools provide valuable insights into marketing effectiveness so the agency can easily optimize the clients marketing strategy.  


Agencies can easily monitor metrics such as website traffic, conversion and engagement rates across multiple campaigns, ALL in one simple dashboard. 


HubSpot gives  marketing agencies the ability to track incoming leads for their clients and identify which channels produce the highest quality leads.

HubSpot Email Marketing

Email Campaigns

FounderScale experts will guide marketing agencies through HubSpot’s user-friendly interface to create and monitor client content results, increasing the marketing agencies success rates.


Professionals can customize email campaigns from HubSpot’s library of professional email templates. Valuable and unique content increases brand recognition and builds client trust. 


Agents will easily segment email lists in HubSpot to target specific demographics, behaviors, and interests to improve campaign effectiveness. 

Hubspot CRM Pipeline
Hubspot Marketing Dashboard

HubSpot Content Management System

Create, Manage and Optimize

HubSpot CMS houses a central repository where marketing agencies manage customer content, and closely monitor the success rates of each strategy initiated. As a result, they can maximize their influential impact. 


To offer another valuable service, Agencies can build entire websites with HubSpot’s user-friendly interface for their agency and their clients. 


For all blog posts, articles, and webpages, agencies can optimize customer content so they can improve the client's search engine visibility. 

HubSpot Services by Leadership Role

HubSpot Consulting for Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders need HubSpot sales operations support so that they can focus on leading and coaching.

HubSpot Consulting for Marketing Leaders

Marketing Leaders need HubSpot marketing operations so that they can focus on strategic campaigns.

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