Testimonials from Founders

I was impressed with the innovative ideas and 5-star service they provided.

FounderScale successfully established a relationship with the client's potential customers, closed two deals, and improved ROI by 250%. The team effectively and proactively managed and communicated the project, yielding positive results. Overall, their innovative ideas and services stood out.

Francesco Carullo
Owner, Mystica Lodge & Retreats
Madelyn Britton Marketing Testimonial
FounderScale worked closely with us to understand our existing workflows and recommend solutions.

FounderScale successfully automated 40 hours of monthly spreadsheet manipulation, increasing data accuracy and improving the sales workflow. The team managed the project effectively and delivered on time, achieving all client's requirements. Overall, they ensured the project stayed on track.

Madelyn Britton
Sales Ops & Mktg Specialist, Perry Construction Management
The level of customer service they provided to meet our exact needs was impressive.

FounderScale helped grow the client's LinkedIn following and the general size of their engaged audience. They met every deadline given to them, prioritized quick communication, and consistently strived to meet the client's expectations.

Partner, Software Company
They addressed the needs of our team and provided excellent value.

FounderScale drives three email and SMS marketing campaigns with different targets, which has brought closed deals and revenue. They deliver everything on time, and their efforts have reduced manual data manipulation by 65%. The team is effectively communicative and responsive to the client's needs.

Marketing Manager, Shane Smith Law
todd bone
They were easy to work with, punctual, and detail-oriented. They did what they said they were going to do.

They provided immediate and ongoing assistance on outbound sales initiatives when internal resources were too busy. They provided external expert analysis to understand how to better utilize Hubspot to increase sales, one of our main issues. They assisted our internal marketing team to accelerate marketing initiatives. They rolled out outbound campaigns via LinkedIn and Email channels, and monitored and optimized the campaigns.

Todd Bone
Founding Board Member, Repair.org
Zach Coward Marketing Testimonial
They were extremely quick to respond to emails, and the whole team was eager to assist with any questions.

The client inbound leads have increased to 15 per week, while their website traffic has risen to 100 per day, thanks to FounderScale's help. The team is highly communicative and responsive to emails. Moreover, they finish tasks ahead of schedule and are truly knowledgeable in marketing and sales.

Zach Coward
CRO, Private Equity Firm

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