We Provide Prospects a Reason to Engage

Prospects engage when sales and marketing teams offer value.

Demand Generation Events create that value

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What is a Demand Generation Event?

A Demand Generation Event (DGE) is a marketing initiative designed to create demand for a product or service. The focus of a DGE is usually on prospect engagement, rather than immediate leads. To be effective, a DGE must be carefully planned and structured to achieve the desired results. Common elements of a DGE include targeted marketing campaigns, webinars, and trade show attendance. By taking the time to plan and execute a well-rounded DGE, businesses can generate the necessary interest and demand for their products or services.

Demand Generation Events

Your prospects want a reason to engage your sales team, we can help you give them one.


Let us help you fully leverage webinars to engage prospects, create new leads and re-engage with clients.

  Interview Podcasts

Get in front of your target audience to build face to face relationships while also creating sales enablement content.

  Lunch and Learns

Having a meal with prospects is the oldest of sales traditions. We help you leverage the tradition to increase sales.

Purpose Driven Sales Podcast


Josh Sweeney and Taylor Barnes discuss the challenges of sales leadership while sharing ideas, solutions, and experiences.

Demand Generation Webinars

Engaging Prospects

Sales outreach to set a meeting with someone you don't know is the hardest way to generate leads and has, on average, a 0.3% engagement rate. Educational webinars provide a reason for prospects to engage and learn. Outreach from sales to webinars has a 667% higher engagement rate.

Webinar Sales Engagement Events FounderScale B2B

Increase Leads

Webinars help you increase leads, engage existing clients and reinvigorate stale opportunities. All while creating content that can be used for sales, marketing and training. 


Connect with prospects and build relationships leveraging educational content that they don't want to miss.  

Sales Engagement Events FounderScale B2B interview style podcasts

Interview Podcasts

Engaging Prospects

Reaching out to invite prospects to a podcast not only helps you build a relationship and content, but it also provides them with free press that they can utilize in their business.

One to Many

While engaging prospects to build one-to-one relationships, you are also creating one to many content that positions you as a thought leader. 


By engaging and sharing content from your industry, we position you as a subject matter expert with demonstrated expertise and authority.

Lunch and Learns

Group Engagement

Prospects and teams always enjoy connecting over a meal. Private and group Lunch and Learns bring people together and help you get in front of the right prospects.

No Robots

Robots and software don't close deals, people do. They do that by building relationships with prospects who have a problem to solve. 


We help you put together educational lunch and learns that prospects enjoy. The leave behind content positions you as the experts and leaves them wanting more. 

Lunch and learns Sales Engagement Events FounderScale B2B

Give Prospects a Reason to Engage.

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