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Hubspot Training with AdoptHub

With the current speed of business, it is a challenge to get everyone HubSpot trained. Without Hubspot sales and marketing training, the team won't be able to fully leverage the platform to enhance marketing and increase sales. We fix this challenge by sending your team 1 Hubspot training video per week that is less than 5 minutes long. This solution provides continuous, quick, and easy training for all Hubspot users. 

AdoptHub Hubspot Training Features

We offer a proactive Hubspot training process that ensures your team maximizes Hubspot and increases sales.

  Hubspot Training Videos

Each Hubspot user receives 1 Hubspot video per week that is less than 5 minutes long.

  Hubspot Training Tracks

Each team member is on a Hubspot training track built for their role. 

   Continuous Training

All users are continuously trained to maximize Hubspot so they can increase sales

Hubspot Testimonials from B2B Leaders

Nick Keller

Founder of Prinovus Int. 

“Running a small business puts a lot of hats on every single employee and focusing on certain aspects of sales can fall into the cracks. This is exactly where, for us, FounderScale has stepped in to alleviate the stress and increase sales. They have helped us focus on what is important pertaining to sales within and outside of our business, taking away much of the stress and adding value with the pieces that were overlooked or spread too thinly among our staff. They've reminded me of what can sometimes be forgotten when stacked with the daily needs of our business - anything is possible. Highly recommended!”

Lauren Singer

Director of Sales, Perry Construction Management

“We had an excellent experience with FounderScale. Our company is a small business that has been focusing on scaling up this year, and the team at FounderScale were key in getting us going in the right direction. They gave us some fantastic ideas regarding email outreach and guidance on how best to use HubSpot. We would recommend FounderScale without hesitation.​"

Hubspot Training Videos

Hubspot CRM and Marketing Training

AdoptHub training videos are all under 5 minutes long and provide ongoing Hubspot training. How to videos show users how to leverage every Hubspot feature while other videos ensure that each user is aware of new features that are released monthly. 

Hubspot CRM Pipeline
Hubspot Marketing Dashboard

Hubspot Training Tracks

Role Based Training

AdoptHub offers multiple training tracks that are tailored to the Hubspot users roles in the organization. They only see training videos that are most relevant to them which saves time on training. 

Continuous Training

Keep Up with Sales and Marketing Changes

Our continuous training method ensures that your sales and marketing teams stay up to date on the latest tip and techniques to enhance marketing and increase sales. 

Hubspot Sales Reporting

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